The CW ITP (Complex Weapons, Innovation and Technology Partnership) is a Dstl and DGA sponsored research fund open to all UK or French companies and Academic Institutions.

University and Academic Research Centres

University and Academic Research Centres

Academia is vital in addressing future UK / French missile systems requirements in the next decade and beyond. The CW ITP is committed to providing at least 30% of its funding to Academia, Research Centres and SMEs.

The CW ITP has a focus on funding academic institutions.

  • The CW ITP is interested in all aspects of guided weapon research
  • Requests for proposals include PhD sponsorship, research projects in partnership with industry or participation as a specialised testing facility.

The CW ITP conference is a biennial event.

This is an ideal opportunity for Academic Institutions to network with peers, Government and Industry and find out more about the programme.

The conference will enable you to:

  • Discover how to get involved in the CW ITP programme
  • Explore funding opportunities and how to apply for funding
  • See the latest state of the art technology developments in guided weapons research
  • Understand what future technologies are needed by UK and French Governments
  • Meet and network with key decision makers in the defence industry, DGA and UK MoD
  • Share your expertise and ideas for future technology research
To find out more about the CW ITP programme and how it works. Click here
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