Disruptor Activities

Disruptor activities are a new addition to CW ITP and provide the opportunity for emerging technologies and innovations to be tested through short duration, low cost projects that can be contracted and delivered quickly. This provides the opportunity to explore high risk, but potentially high reward, ground breaking activities, which, depending on the outcomes, could lead to follow-on CW ITP research activities within the larger challenge areas. Therefore, there wont be discrete challenges for these projects with the calls planned to be very open in scope.

As well as providing the existing CW ITP membership the opportunity to propose their new ideas, the Disruptor process is also a vehicle designed to attract new SMEs and Academia to engage with the CW ITP – providing funded support to nurture their bright ideas without the overheads or constraints that come with the larger ETA and Dynamic proposals.

The calls for proposals are open for 3 months with subsequent selected disruptor projects running for up to six months. The definition of the scope of the disruptor calls is agreed with Dstl and DGA in the Management Team Meetings, but is expected to be relatively open (with appropriate constraints to Complex Weapons Technology) to attract more innovative, or lateral proposal submissions.

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