Enduring Technical Areas

Central to the CW ITP programme are the ETAs

They represent specific areas of CW technology for which CW skills sustainment is key. The ETAs are a key part of the structure used to organise research activities under the CW ITP. The ETAs are formed by a cross-industry Anglo-French partnership to bring the required expertise from the UK/FR defence community into the CW ITP, each nominated and agreed by the Authority.

ETA Leads

The ETA Leads are experts from across the Industrial partners, utilised to employ their specialist technical knowledge and expertise in supporting definition of proposals, co-ordianting and developing their technical research community, and technical review and scrutiny of deliverables to ensure a high standard of technical quality. The ETA Leads are responsible for helping to support the research activities - from developing and managing an ETA CoI, to encouraging and advising on research proposal generation, supporting and advising Project Leads, and reviewing research outputs.

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Technology Champions

Within an ETA, each ETA Lead acts as a Technology Champion (TC), responsible for a sub-set of the ETA’s scope that is most relevant to their skills and experience. Individual TC responsibilities focus on activities relevant to their own technology area. When a research proposal is submitted to the CW ITP the TC selected by the project lead be allocated to the research activity, this roles includes technical review of the proposal and, should the proposal succeed in going to contract, review of the subsequent milestone reports.

The TC is be the primary focus and ETA contact for projects in their technology area. For projects that are relevant to more than one TC (either within ETA or across ETAs), then multiple Technology Champions may be involved. Additionally, ETA Leads, and all members of the CW ITP, have access to summary project outputs for all CW ITP projects to support broader awareness within and across ETAs and to stimulate further co-operation and exploitation.

The ETA Leads have an active interest in their technology area and as such are invested in seeing successful, high quality research being carried out under the CW ITP. ETA Leads are involved in the research proposal process in terms of engagement with and providing advice to potential project proposers and conduct proposal review and scoring in conjunction with the PoCs and MT. ETA Leads also provide ETA briefings at the 6-monthly project briefing session and present an ETA overview at the CW ITP conference.

Mission, Systems & Algorithms

The Mission, Systems and Algorithms Enduring Technical Area is jointly led by MBDA UK and MBDA France. This ETA is focused on the development of cross cutting system technologies such as Image processing techniques and algorithms, mission systems such as planning and decision aids, guidance and control and navigation systems.

mbda mbda

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The Seekers Enduring Technical Area is jointly led by Thales and Leonardo. This ETA is looking for the latest advances in Electro Optics and Radio Frequency sensor technology. This ETA covers sensor technologies, signal processing and image generation.

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Lethal Packages

The Lethal Package Enduring Technical Area is jointly led by CEA and Thales. This ETA is studying new technologies in warheads, fuzing, Safety and Arming Units explosives and effects analysis and lethality modelling.

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The Propulsion ETA is jointly led by Roxel and Safran. This ETA covers two specific forms of missile propulsion; rocket motors and air breathing engines. Work in this ETA includes all technologies and research associated with these two propulsion systems.

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Materials, Structures and Electronics

The Materials, Structures & Electronics ETA is jointly led by MBDA UK and MBDA France. This ETA addresses research into missile materials and structures used in missile manufacture and covering a range of functions, missile electronics and power solutions, Datalinks and communication hardware and Actuation hardware.

mbda mbda

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