Rocket Motors

This ETA is concerned with rocket propulsion for tactical missiles. The main themes are concerned with:

  • Thrust modulation.
  • Thrust vector control.
  • Insensitive munitions.
  • Ignition systems for service life surveillance and extension.
  • Hybrid propulsion.
  • Smart motors.
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Rocket Motors Lead

Principal Propellant Chemist

Dr Philip P Gill, FRSC
Principal Propellant Chemist - Roxel UK.

A published R&D scientist with 20+ years’ experience in the life assessment and formulation of propellants and explosives. Research interests include: (i) life assessment of propellants; (ii) understanding the mechanistic relationships of raw ingredient specification and formulation processes; and (iii) development and validation of materials, physical/chemical processing, and ageing models. Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University. Secretary of the RSC – Formulation Science and Technology Interest Group. Steering committee member for the International Nitrocellulose Symposium.