ETA Project Proposal Down Selection
The project proposals for this year to be taken forward for detailed costing have now been selected.


MBDA F leads the Electronics ETA “Materials and Components for Missiles” in the frame of “Innovation and Technology Partnership”. The ETA is seeking early-stage technologies (TRL 1-4) for future electronics in guided weapons. A major area is to explore and demonstrate how innovative and emerging technologies will allow enhanced capabilities for the next generation of weapon systems by providing safe and airworthy features at the lowest possible costs.

Topics considered within the electronics sub-domain include:

  • Packaging & assembly technologies (3D packaging, Printed electronics, SIP, SoC …).
  • Electrical power management (New energy source, high efficiency converter,…).
  • Innovative data transmission technologies (High data rate, Contactless,…).
  • Safety electronic architecture (electronics and software).
  • Electronic reliability & health features.
  • Emerging technologies (Micro technologies, Nano-materials, Nano-electronics…).
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Electronics Lead

Project Lead