The Fuzing speciality topic of the Lethal package ETA of the CW ITP (ETA 3) covers all "Fuzing Systems" technologies. The Fuzing System in the weapon is the key element that is used to first ensure the safety of the missile’s warhead, then detect and discriminate the target, and finally function the warhead.

The challenges to the Fuzing System that these requirements present are:

  • Be extremely robust against hazards and environments in storage or flight before use
  • Maintain and control safety until it is safe to arm the weapon
  • Discriminate the target accurately in the presence of countermeasures and clutter
  • Use sophisticated algorithms to optimise the effectiveness of small modern warheads, to accurately defeat targets with minimal collateral damage.
  • Be low cost and small enough for integration into modern weapon systems

Research in this domain has so far encompassed:

  • Novel techniques in safety systems architectures
  • New methods of initiating explosives
  • Methods for detecting difficult to locate targets
  • Computer modelling techniques to improve the ability to explore performance
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Fuzing Lead

UK Lead - Lethal Package Enduring Technical Area

Jeremy ('Jes') Dean joined Thales in 1986, and is a Technical Expert within its Optronics and Missile Electronics UK Business Unit. His role over the last decade has focused on early stage fuzing technology maturation and product concepting at Technology Readiness Levels TRL1-5. He has been Thales's technical lead across a wide range of research projects and was the Industry Lead for Domain 7 (Fuzing & SAUs) of the Anglo/French MCM ITP (the precursor to the CW ITP) between 2011 and 2021. A Chartered Engineer and Member of the IET, Jes holds a MA in Electrical & Information Studies from Cambridge University and a PGCert in Accountancy & Management from the University of London.