Pour Participer

To get involved with the CW ITP you first need to register for membership. As a member of the CW ITP you will have access to the wider CW ITP community of researchers and summary research outputs. You will also be able to engage with the CW ITP Programme Office and ETA Leads who can provide additional guidance on the operation of the framework and can provide support with the generation and submission of research proposals. Membership of the framework is required to be able to submit research proposals to the CW ITP Framework for funding consideration.

The registration process has the following steps:

  1. Submit your membership request through the CW ITP website Member Registration (make this a link) page
  2. In parallel check if your organisation already has a Non-Disclosure Agreement in place with MBDA for the CW ITP Framework. If not review the programme NDA, sign and send back to MBDA - you are likely to need to discuss this with your legal or commercial departments in your organisation.  Your membership application cannot be approved until a singed NDA has been received.
  3. Your application will be vetted by the relevant ETA Leads and the MBDA Programme Office to confirm your suitability to provide research in the relevant technical areas.
  4. You will receive a confirmation of which research areas you have been approved for membership of, along with login detailed for the CW ITP Members Portal where you can access additional details on the ETA research topics, download bid documentation and upload research proposals.

Requests for an ETA lead's contact details can be made from the Contact Us page.

Pour en savoir davantage sur le programme CW ITP, nous proposons deux solutions très pratiques:
choice one
Contactez-nous pour poser vos questions ou pour vous tenir au courant de l’actualité du programme.
choice two
Participez à la conférence CW ITP bisannuelle.
La vidéo qui suit donne une vue d’ensemble du programme CW ITP.